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Unlock the key to a successful home-selling journey. Learn how to price your home properly using the real estate data from the most recent sales along with what’s listed for sale that is similar to your home. All of the information that can be gathered will help sell your home faster.


Six Steps to Selling a Home with Paul

Unlock the key to a successful home sale by pricing your home effectively with insights from recent sales and similar current listings. Understand your market’s dynamics and adjust your strategy accordingly. Highlight your home’s unique features to justify a better price and seek professional appraisals for accurate valuation. Stay flexible with your pricing, and enhance your home’s appeal with quality marketing. By being responsive to market feedback and strategically using real estate data, you can increase your chances of a faster, profitable sale

Step 1 : Listing information

This is the pivotal stage of selling a home, where we delve into all aspects of the listing presentation. From completing paperwork to potential staging requirements, professional photography, and associated listing costs, we cover it all. This session is also the perfect opportunity to address any questions you may have about the selling process.

Step 2 : Price

We both agree on a selling price after reviewing the market data.

Step 3 : Marketing the listing

To enhance the promotion of the property when selling a home, we compile a detailed list of updates, additions, and highlights, all integral for effective marketing. A professional photographer is scheduled to capture compelling visuals for the listing. Marketing and advertising efforts span across MLS,, Social Media, and our Brokerage, initiating promptly upon signing the contract.

Step 4 : Showing the property

A schedule will be booked for showing the property and depending on the market a time will be agreed upon when offers will be taken.

Step 5 : Preparing to accept offers….

It will posted when offers will be taken and where to send the offers. Once the offer is received we will sit down and go over the offer or offers and make a decide which offer will be taken or countered, if not accepted. You make the decision based on all the info we have gone over and what makes sense to you.

Step 6 : Details and possession

All the paperwork is where it needs to be, check with the lawyers and banks well ahead of time, make sure the lawyer has an appointment for you to come into sign off on everything. Make sure you have satisfied all the conditions of the Contract of Purchase and Sale before possession date and hand keys to me to exchange with the buying agent. Congratulations!


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Explore a range of tailored real estate services with Paul McCallum, including expert assistance in buying, selling, and comprehensive home evaluations. Whether you’re navigating the market as a buyer or seller, or seeking to unlock the true value of your property, Paul will ensure a seamless and successful real estate experience.

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